Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Campaign

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Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County’s new awareness campaign, Think for Two, aims to wipe out this 100% preventable disorder.
The Audience: Middle class professional women between 25-35 who may feel overwhelmed by the wealth of (sometimes conflicting) information about how they can have the best pregnancy possible.
The Tone: The campaign aims to come from a friendly and non judgmental place. No finger wagging or guilt involved. The campaign is an informed friend with simple advice to help women have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Created under the Lion + Panda Firm


A multi-media campaign was presented that would reach the audience online and in the doctor office environment.
Design Solution: Think for Two – An open, friendly, and feminine sans serif was paired with a symbol utilizing positive/negative space and closure to form both a heart and the numeral 2. The classic baby scheme of blue and pink took a spin to the left on the color wheel to produce teal and purple.
No More FASD: Meant as a sub campaign of the overarching “Think for Two”campaign, this logo shares the same teal tone. A contrasting typeface scheme of a slab serif and sans serif form a friendly but strong typographic tone.
Materials Created
Logos and brand standards for both the organization (Think for Two) and the fetal alcohol spectrum disorder campaign (No More FASD)
A one page website
A brochure aimed at pregnant women
A brochure aimed at informing doctors about how to better serve their patients
4 posters



Classic Concrete


HTN Channel

Dayton, Ohio

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