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A photo of Laura Osburn, with a retro filter applied

I'm Laura Osburn, a creative

I'm a Creative Director and Front-End Developer creating digital experiences for everyone because it's the right thing to do.

Creating the
most for the

Making beautiful, endearing, and human-centered online experiences is what I do.


A classically trained designer + front-end developer

I was educated in traditional graphic design and entered the workforce as a newspaper layout artist (if you can believe we still had those in 2008). It was not long before my ink-stained fingers were dancing over lines of code.

From printing press to PHP


It's a terrible trait until it's your brand being beamed onto the screen of thousands of people. 

is better

Universal access icon. A simplified drawing of a human with their arms raised inside of a yellow circle.

That's my manifesto. The future is inclusive and accessible. We're still learning a lot about what we can do to make the digital spaces welcoming and usable for all. We have a long way to go, but I will always strive to make the most accessible experiences possible.

That's why I trained at Deque the world leader in web accessibility instruction.

Let's do it all.
All of it

With 15 years of experience, I've picked up a veritable grab-bag of skills. From print design to web experiences, let's make it. 


  • Graphic design
  • Banding
  • Web design
  • Development
  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • PHP
  • JS


2020 - Now 

Creative Lead
Lion + Panda

2010 - 2020

Graphic Design | New Media
Clark State College

2008 - 2015

Head of Media Services
Penda Publishing

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